Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indian Cuisine at Kohinoor, Waterfront, K. K., Sabah

Back from Pilates class & dating session with bf & some of his friends.

It was my first temptation for eating in a real Indian restaurant, not includes Mamak stall or those ordinary Indian restaurant where we have normal Roti or nasi beriani...
I went there with my older sister and her bf. Kohinoor to have a try for the first time on 28 September 2008.
It was located at Waterfront Esplanade, Kota Kinabalu where we can see many tourist, Malaysian & non-Malaysian sitting outside those restaurant facing the deep blue sea, although outside was darker, but yet people love to sit there chit chatting & having dinner or getting their foot massage.

The surrounding in the restaurant. They even have something like "water cigarettes" with a big bottle & a pipe for people to smoke. As the location suggested, guess we can know the range of price already... It was an affordable price - not so expensive, but not cheap either but a bit high compared to Anjappar, but the prtion was bigger ofcause... but the taste was so so only.

Mango Lassi. Lassi mean Yogurt... so it was Mango Yogurt, Indian version.

Cheese Naan, Keema Naan & garlic Naan. For additional flavour to those Naan... Butter chicken in red and spinach cheese. Depends on personal preference, having those was like ketchup to the Naan while we are eating.
Hmm... There were a little part of the Naan was over done, butter chicken & spinach cheese doesn't have enough flavour. And it was for sure after I had my second time dinner in an Indian Restaurant (Anjappar), somewhere at Kompleks Asia City.

Hehehe... I forgot what was it called. It was a combination of few fried food which are fish meat, cheese, I think it also have chicken and others which i cann't recalled... and I love the fish!!!

Overall, the food was so so... I think I prefer Anjappar (coming up soon - doesn't know when) after I had it last week. A real find Indian restaurant with an affordable price for all of us. I'm loving it now...and hungry too....
Good night~~

* Dining in at Kohinoor can be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise with the privilege card issued by THP.


  1. Nice ambience and food. Heard naan is a healthy food. Prepared without using oil.

  2. hehe...=) healthy or not I'm not sure about that. Naan was cook using the bottom side of the frying pan(chinese called "wok")type of utensil.

    No oil, it was like sticking the dough on to it & turnover after a while. and served hot.

  3. wghuaaaaaaaaaaaa i wan to eat >>< YER 1 person eat only sob sob

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  5. ahh.. i miss all this fooodddd

  6. The one in Sabah isn't under Paradise Group.The naan is cook by a tandoor oven, which is a clay jar and the heat comes from charcoal. The food deffinately differs from Anjappar as Kohinoor is an Authentic North Indian Restaurant, an it serves Mogul food. Which is the food of the Indian Kings Therefore the food is very rich in spice. Anjappar is however a South Indian restaurant . As we can see in Kuala Lumpur Anjappar is famous for its Rava ToSai.