Friday, December 12, 2008

Japanese Food at The Garden, K. L.

Current position at home, waiting for time to pass & go out for a cup of drink~

During my convocation/ shopping trip at KL, me & my family + two of my shopping "kaki" + my cousin & 3 of her adorable children went to Mid Valley for a walk. Since was the time for dinner, my mom suggested for Sushi King. But then my friend told us that there was a Japanese restaurant that serve quite nice food at The Garden...... and off we go there!!!

The first moment I read the menu, and it was unexpected with price that are CHEAPER than Sushi King.... OMG!! and it was in THE GARDEN. However, I forgotten what was the Japanese Restaurant called and I think it was at third floor (if I'm mistaken), next to a book store and a Chinese restaurant located opposite of it.
My younger sister had the below dish. Something like chicken + mushroom + egg's rice. It was a dish that I normally have in Sushi King.
Soba / Cha Soba if I'm not mistaken. I like those and it was healthy too!!! By the way, it was small size for the dish & large size was unexpected (saw our next table was having the large one).

It was my favorite dish... CHIRASHI set. Yummy!!! I love Salmon and I think I love butter fish too!!!

My little niece ordered the below. Unagi set.

Wow...... I love Japanese food. We can choose small or big dish for our set dishes that we would love to have at the restaurant. About the prices ==== It was really a shock for us... It was really cheap!!! and that's for sure.

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  1. I been to the gardens once and I thought even the food there ought to be expensive until I see your post. Will venture there again in the future.

  2. Yea..thought the food in the garden was expensive.. but then my friend say it was cheaper & taste even better than sushi king. then we go there to have a try.

  3. oooo i think i went to that restaurant once, although i forgot the name oso =P yup, d food thr is quite cheap compared to Sushi King. Good thing u were able to try it out ^^

  4. whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my air liur all come out for the food di >.< YERRRRRRRRRRRRRR