Sunday, December 28, 2008

IP Man

Went to 1 Borneo for movie last night.
IP Man was so good to watch. It was crazy with Kung Fu by my sister's "smart guy" - Donnie Yen.
Actions for the beginning until the end. Didn't even went to the washroom because I can't stop watching it.
At the first place, I thought the title called I.P Man something like I P Zone, but then after I watch that movie then I realise that it was called Ip Man (eep mun). I'm so stupid.


  1. I also went to watch at 1 Borneo. I had the same thought as you too. I also read the title of the movie as I.P. Man but i realise after few days at my home and I laugh myself. Luckily I realise earlier b4 went to watch the movie. Hahaha.. Go and watch Yes Man by Jim Carrey. It's a funny movie..

  2. lol....
    okok... but I have to see whether anyone interested o~~

    But for now -BED TIME STORY!!!!
    i wanna watch that!!

  3. When I read ur post, I also pronounce it as IP MAN.
    until i read the last line, then only i realized... eep mun