Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chill at Fish & Co. at Warisan Square, K. K.

Tomorrow was a public Holiday!!!

Hmm.... I think I'm outdated for so so long that Fish & Co. (that time I still studying at KL) had their first outlet for more than one year since their operated at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu. And for the first time I went there for my dinner with my older sister after shopping.

The below fish bone "board" was use to put the dishes on top that served using frying pan.

The drink that we ordered. It taste good, but very fattening with whipping cream. I forgot what it was called, but the name was cute.

Pasta with mussel. The taste wasn't that good, I think the mussel was over cooked, it doesn't have the actual flavour that makes me wanna order it for the second time.

New York Fish & Chips. It taste good and there were cheese inside the fish. For me, it would be better that two person share a dish, so that it won't be too oily for us and won't make us bored about that dish.

Last night I went to cinema at 1 Borneo to watch IP man - great action movie - a must see!!!!
Before that, I went to Fish & Co (second outlet) again. A different type of dish I've tried - Grilled Salmon.... Taste good. I was away while my sister was going to share with me with the Salmon, I didn't took that picture because it looks bad if the dish wasn't complete with the original way of servings.
I like Fish & Co. But its really fattening, I only can have it once a while - tummy not good.


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