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Dreamland - Hong Kong Disney Land

Currently at home waiting for the time to past & go out to have a birthday dinner with him.

A place that I wanted to go since the day I watches M.I.C.K.E.Y!!!! Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy; Goofy; Pluto ...... I love cartoons & animation & all types of movies by Walt Disney. I love them just like a child who doesn't grow older & love to watch animation. (maybe child wasn't crazy like I am.)
Even my bf knows I love Mickey. I have few shoes, attires, socks from MCKY and watch with Mickey on it... You can imagine how I love those.
Hong Kong Disney Land....
Yer........................I want to be there. Some said that it wasn't complete with all kinds of facilities. But I still want to go there!!!! Must save money to be there!!!
My dream land to be!!!

Got those pictures from other blogger's blog.


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  1. lolx same here. i still love cartoons n animes very much, still watching them too =P hehehe kinda childish, but i dun care~

    Hong Kong Disneyland is also one of the places that i wanna visit in the future ^^ since its relatively near and cheaper, i don't see why not right? even though i'm already in my 20's =P

  2. I wan Go Disney LAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!