Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hmm.... seems like listening to Circus album wasn't that bad at all... Additional of those songs that I wrote below (last night), "My Baby", "Rock Me In" were nice to listen actually.
meitzeu sign off (Thursday, 4-12-2008)
Heard the new songs already. Mom's supplies arrived this morning. Guess what?? I saw the new Britney Spears CD/DVD inside!!!
Seems like the songs was just okay for me... A little disappointing... Not feeling like listening to it always. I think listen to HSM3 soundtrack was better.
Just felt that "Out from Under" & "Womanizer" or maybe "Shattered Glass" are more suitable for me to listen & others not really. (or maybe need to listen to other new songs again & again & again)


  1. hi mei tzeu
    u got the album already??
    I only listened to the "Womanizer" song, haven listened to the rest yet.
    Any idea whr i can download it?

  2. Hmm....not totally own the CD/DVD.JUst got it from my mom's shop & listen to it & u know what happen when we have labtops/pc...

    I also don't know where can I downloaded those new songs now a days.
    last time I use lime wire ,but lately it has many, i stop using it for a while already o...sorry about that.

  3. lolx
    ya lo, i think i'll just google search la.
    its ok la, anyway, thanks ^^

  4. Yerr i wan to go >.<