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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Theme party - Cowboys

I went to a private party organised by "Borneo Stomper" (If I'm not mistaken, I just saw the name once) last week, where it was also known as a group of young and elder people and even Ballroom dancers for line dancing (private group of people that have the same interest with each others). My mom bought us tickets and encourages us to go and have fun with families and friends.

The attires that we have to wear was "cow boy"/country style. The dressing code was being brought down from previous years and they just love it. Saw the hat that I had? The price was so cheap that makes our eyes felt off when we bought it on the day before.

Unexpectedly, I thought that it would be quite bored, but it was quite nice with all the dances i.e: poco-poco and games i,e: Batman, Superman and Spiderman etc....that we can join in together to have fun. And it was hilarious.
I was a little tired after a while, but for the elder people, they were energetic, and they just keeps on dancing dancing and dancing ( includes a little self-rest time & games) from 7.00pm until 11.30pm. And I was like...Wow...My goodness... They were energetic, aren't they tired?? Anyway, it was nice to have such a party there and I'm exhausted.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

IP Man

Went to 1 Borneo for movie last night.
IP Man was so good to watch. It was crazy with Kung Fu by my sister's "smart guy" - Donnie Yen.
Actions for the beginning until the end. Didn't even went to the washroom because I can't stop watching it.
At the first place, I thought the title called I.P Man something like I P Zone, but then after I watch that movie then I realise that it was called Ip Man (eep mun). I'm so stupid.

Chill at Fish & Co. at Warisan Square, K. K.

Tomorrow was a public Holiday!!!

Hmm.... I think I'm outdated for so so long that Fish & Co. (that time I still studying at KL) had their first outlet for more than one year since their operated at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu. And for the first time I went there for my dinner with my older sister after shopping.

The below fish bone "board" was use to put the dishes on top that served using frying pan.

The drink that we ordered. It taste good, but very fattening with whipping cream. I forgot what it was called, but the name was cute.

Pasta with mussel. The taste wasn't that good, I think the mussel was over cooked, it doesn't have the actual flavour that makes me wanna order it for the second time.

New York Fish & Chips. It taste good and there were cheese inside the fish. For me, it would be better that two person share a dish, so that it won't be too oily for us and won't make us bored about that dish.

Last night I went to cinema at 1 Borneo to watch IP man - great action movie - a must see!!!!
Before that, I went to Fish & Co (second outlet) again. A different type of dish I've tried - Grilled Salmon.... Taste good. I was away while my sister was going to share with me with the Salmon, I didn't took that picture because it looks bad if the dish wasn't complete with the original way of servings.
I like Fish & Co. But its really fattening, I only can have it once a while - tummy not good.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant at Damai, K. K.

Wishing all Chinese who celebrate CNY, a happy 冬至 for tomorrow.
One of the favorite Japanese restaurant that he love to be. We went there for his birthday celebration.

It was located at Damai (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah), which above "The Station" - a book store & a phone shop. It already starts operating since years ago.
They serve fresh sea foods - eg. Salmon, prawn etc. I like the food but not the deem environment... It make me sleepy... but almost all Japanese restaurant was like that....

I ordered the set dish below... I forgotten what it was called. I only know the noodles called 'Udon' and at the left was two big prawn & fried vegetable.

=) It was my favorite Salmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... My bf who doesn't love to eat fish, ate the Salmon because Salmon doesn't have the ''fish" smell and he love to eat crab stick sushi and the crab eggs sushi.

I took some pictures only, we also ordered California Roll but I forgot to snap it because he ate those already.
Hmm... I think I didn't make sushi since the day I'm back from UK, maybe making those tomorrow.=P

mt sign off. Lazy to continue writing. Good night.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Japanese Food at The Garden, K. L.

Current position at home, waiting for time to pass & go out for a cup of drink~

During my convocation/ shopping trip at KL, me & my family + two of my shopping "kaki" + my cousin & 3 of her adorable children went to Mid Valley for a walk. Since was the time for dinner, my mom suggested for Sushi King. But then my friend told us that there was a Japanese restaurant that serve quite nice food at The Garden...... and off we go there!!!

The first moment I read the menu, and it was unexpected with price that are CHEAPER than Sushi King.... OMG!! and it was in THE GARDEN. However, I forgotten what was the Japanese Restaurant called and I think it was at third floor (if I'm mistaken), next to a book store and a Chinese restaurant located opposite of it.
My younger sister had the below dish. Something like chicken + mushroom + egg's rice. It was a dish that I normally have in Sushi King.
Soba / Cha Soba if I'm not mistaken. I like those and it was healthy too!!! By the way, it was small size for the dish & large size was unexpected (saw our next table was having the large one).

It was my favorite dish... CHIRASHI set. Yummy!!! I love Salmon and I think I love butter fish too!!!

My little niece ordered the below. Unagi set.

Wow...... I love Japanese food. We can choose small or big dish for our set dishes that we would love to have at the restaurant. About the prices ==== It was really a shock for us... It was really cheap!!! and that's for sure.

gtg... bye...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

POTD - The Air at Liverpool!

Still at shop for now, waiting for the time to pass & go home~~
Imagine the wind.... Strong wind when getting nearer to the port around Albert Dock!!!
Awww....I miss those time there....
The air was cold most of the time even on Summer...."We are going on a summer holiday, no more working for me & you - Cliff Richard". Even though it was summer, but the air was still cold for us. Our face, hands & even feet felt cold... But sometimes felt it worth to be there...compared now in M'sia - easily sweat unless with air-conditioner in place. For those Britian, they just wear T-shirt and casual wear most of the time just like us in Tropical country.
While we are walking, we can hear the sound of wind blowing strongly... wuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~ hehehehe ;P
Eiii....Wearing the same cloths today...except for the bottom. =P

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dreamland - Hong Kong Disney Land

Currently at home waiting for the time to past & go out to have a birthday dinner with him.

A place that I wanted to go since the day I watches M.I.C.K.E.Y!!!! Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy; Goofy; Pluto ...... I love cartoons & animation & all types of movies by Walt Disney. I love them just like a child who doesn't grow older & love to watch animation. (maybe child wasn't crazy like I am.)
Even my bf knows I love Mickey. I have few shoes, attires, socks from MCKY and watch with Mickey on it... You can imagine how I love those.
Hong Kong Disney Land....
Yer........................I want to be there. Some said that it wasn't complete with all kinds of facilities. But I still want to go there!!!! Must save money to be there!!!
My dream land to be!!!

Got those pictures from other blogger's blog.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indian Cuisine at Kohinoor, Waterfront, K. K., Sabah

Back from Pilates class & dating session with bf & some of his friends.

It was my first temptation for eating in a real Indian restaurant, not includes Mamak stall or those ordinary Indian restaurant where we have normal Roti or nasi beriani...
I went there with my older sister and her bf. Kohinoor to have a try for the first time on 28 September 2008.
It was located at Waterfront Esplanade, Kota Kinabalu where we can see many tourist, Malaysian & non-Malaysian sitting outside those restaurant facing the deep blue sea, although outside was darker, but yet people love to sit there chit chatting & having dinner or getting their foot massage.

The surrounding in the restaurant. They even have something like "water cigarettes" with a big bottle & a pipe for people to smoke. As the location suggested, guess we can know the range of price already... It was an affordable price - not so expensive, but not cheap either but a bit high compared to Anjappar, but the prtion was bigger ofcause... but the taste was so so only.

Mango Lassi. Lassi mean Yogurt... so it was Mango Yogurt, Indian version.

Cheese Naan, Keema Naan & garlic Naan. For additional flavour to those Naan... Butter chicken in red and spinach cheese. Depends on personal preference, having those was like ketchup to the Naan while we are eating.
Hmm... There were a little part of the Naan was over done, butter chicken & spinach cheese doesn't have enough flavour. And it was for sure after I had my second time dinner in an Indian Restaurant (Anjappar), somewhere at Kompleks Asia City.

Hehehe... I forgot what was it called. It was a combination of few fried food which are fish meat, cheese, I think it also have chicken and others which i cann't recalled... and I love the fish!!!

Overall, the food was so so... I think I prefer Anjappar (coming up soon - doesn't know when) after I had it last week. A real find Indian restaurant with an affordable price for all of us. I'm loving it now...and hungry too....
Good night~~

* Dining in at Kohinoor can be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise with the privilege card issued by THP.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hmm.... seems like listening to Circus album wasn't that bad at all... Additional of those songs that I wrote below (last night), "My Baby", "Rock Me In" were nice to listen actually.
meitzeu sign off (Thursday, 4-12-2008)
Heard the new songs already. Mom's supplies arrived this morning. Guess what?? I saw the new Britney Spears CD/DVD inside!!!
Seems like the songs was just okay for me... A little disappointing... Not feeling like listening to it always. I think listen to HSM3 soundtrack was better.
Just felt that "Out from Under" & "Womanizer" or maybe "Shattered Glass" are more suitable for me to listen & others not really. (or maybe need to listen to other new songs again & again & again)