Saturday, November 22, 2008

Easy Recipe 123 : Chocolate Cake

Experimenting chocolate cake for the first time.


And the first end product of my chocolate cake creation... Put too much chocolate powder, so end up too brown in colour.

Ingredients (A little recipe learned from my mom's helper.)

  • Chocolate powder - 40g or more (remember to make it around 200g all together with the flour)
  • Self raising flour - 160g
  • Butter - 200g
  • Sugar - 200g
  • Eggs - 5/6 pcs (depend on the egg size)
  • "Ideal milk" - a little
  • Chocolate paste - 2/3 drops


1) Beat butter and sugar until firm and fluffy.

2) Add in eggs and beat again.

3) Add in chocolate paste so that the chocolate smells good.

4) Add in stiffed flour and chocolate powder. Beat again until all ingredients are all well balanced.

5) Add "Ideal milk" a little so that the cake will smell better.

6) Put in case and bake the cake for about 45 minutes at 180/200 Celsius.

7) DONE!


  1. congratulations on your success in baking ^^ hehehe
    although u said u've put too much choco powder, but it still looks yummy =)

  2. thank u..=)
    hmmm....for those who love chocolate, I think they will love the choc well..hahaha...

  3. Haha !! xD muahaha i got a bite of the cake ~...yes yes yumyy muahah !!