Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wish to visit Rome, Italy

Some where that I would extremely love to be...............

ROME, Italy.

I love Rome because of the architecture & the scenery... I'm envy for my friends that visited there... I didn't manage to visit there because of my bf who over reactive when I'm sleeping out there with friends.
A movie titled Lizzie McGuire the movie: Road to Rome. The movie shooting was taken there & I can see the overall Rome scenery, however..personal experience is important.
Well, the days are still young... Mountains of opportunity & chances are waiting ahead.
Pic: Trevis Fountain. Copied from one of friend's blog.
The best part was --- making a wish by throwing some coins in to the fountain. Ain't girl love to make a wish. Hmm... I'm just thinking, maybe I can pretend that my fountain at the back of my house was a wishing fountain...lol. XD
Italy....I love it... I just simply do... that was my wish that I'm hoping to be succeed.


  1. so its 1 of ur wish to visit Rome?
    Hope ur wish will come true soon ^^
    I wish to travel overseas too, lotsa places that i wanna go. But there's still $$ factor =P heheheI wanna go Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Italy, Switzerland, England, France....sigh...better don't get my hopes up =P

  2. Haven't been to Rome but been to Pisa, Florence and Venice

  3. kymberly: Yes, is one of my wish...It's such a loss for me, for leaving immediately after I completed my studies there (UK)...
    Nvm, just need to save save & save money to reach our dreams..
    p/s: I wish to travel the world. any where that I could.(If can afford to)

    Borneo falcon: Ai yo... Venice ler....I dying to be there toooo..OMG...It was in Italy, why u didn't went to Rome..It's such a loss u know...hehee

  4. Yeah. Rome is awesome. There's on homemade ice cream stall beside the Trevis Fountain. And it is simply delicious. The taste of the icecream is simply mesmerizing. And yeah, Italy's basically a place where it looks a lil ancient to me. Where all the churches are. I have been to Vetican, Rome, Venice & Florence. And several places in Europe =)

  5. yer...I'm jelous about that...=(

    Lucky u...*wink** Hmmm...Last night I know that Air Asia X, starts offering the flight to London at price RM499. Maybe planning to go there once again in future..Now, everyone can fly...=)

  6. Hi there. First time first. You have a nice blog! I like ROME too, but never get a chance to visit it yet. Need to earn more money first.

  7. hello, thx for the compliment..haha..I thought my blog not that attractive..hehehe=) happy to hear about it.
    Yup, earn money 1st is important.

  8. YOu must go to Milan and Florence then!
    Even Dublin if you love Italy :D