Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breakfast at Imbi Market - Kuala Lumpur

My bf's birthday on this Saturday, going to make chocolate cake for him!!!
As I went to KL for almost a week, me and my family went to Pasar Imbi which was located 5 or 10 minutes from our hotel. For the past few trip when my parents came to KL, their friends will bring us there to have breakfast for sure.
It was flouded with people each morning and my mom's friend said that we can see the same people have their breakfast most of the time there.
At the market, we can see people selling cloths which imported from Taiwan etc... Chinese medicine hall and of cause FOOD!!!
Tasty foods sold there & even Hainanese tea too...KOPITIAM!!!

Pic: Fresh fruits selling -all kinds -bananas, peach, strawberries etc...
I love strawberries!!
"Chu Chang Fen" - with tasty meat food as side dishes.

Popiah - I like to eat these...Got white carrots inside and crunchy thingy inside.

Curry Mee..Great taste eventhough I just ate a little.

Famous bread - Kaya with cold butter. Served great with a nice cup of coffee or any hot drinks!!

Me & Hainanese Tea. Seldom we can drink these type of tea/coffee (mixed) although my parents was famous for their Hainam Milk Tea.


  1. i like to eat at coffee house !! cause more cheap and nice food !!

  2. yup.. I think KL have more cheap food to eat especially in Kopitiam..=P