Sunday, November 2, 2008

High School Musical 3 - Senior Year

Have my Japanese food dinner today~~

Watched HSM 3 last night and it was awesome!!! One of the best musical movie that I've seen for years. For me, I love all HSM from the first until the third (current HSM 3) episode - I watched the first & second for a couple of times already, but the greatest one should be the senior year episode.

Guess the current new episode would be the last already. How sad ='(

I love to watch HSM especially those scene with musics and dances that exciting. Their clothing looks great for girls & I love the way where Vanessa Hudgens - "Gabriella" and her good friend dressed. It was sweet and simple.

As for the actors and actress, they've done a great jobs/dances especially Zac Afron-"Troy"...hehehe... Love his blue eye & his figure. In facts, I love all the actors and actress. They are GREAT!!!

That's all... MT sign off. 11.45pm. Good night.

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  1. ^^ nice movie~....>.< how i wish in tat movie haha ! singing and dancing like them so happy