Friday, November 14, 2008

TARC Convocation - 8 Nov 2008, K. L.

Attended my convocation on 8 Nov 2008.

A special dedication for my friends especially Cgprincess who didn't manage to celebrate the day with us because of some reason - working in UK...*sniff**
Me and my parents reach college around 7.30am that day, for registering my name.

The black gown was so hot, until my cloths was wet with all the sweats...yucks...

Pic: My dad took the pic while I'm receiving my scroll. My feeling was like ---Yea... At last, I'm so so happy...

Pic: My flower received that day from my parents' friend.
Pic: Individual photo.

Pic:Smile like a Star!!!

Pic: Up we throw our hat.

Photo taking the whole morning for me, makes my mouth muscle pain...but worth it... We are like STARs of the day.

P/s: More pictures in Facebook & Friendster...hehehe =P