Friday, November 28, 2008

Life in Liverpool -Comfort Snacks - Potato Chips!

Exam on Tuesday~~~ Yay!!!

Bites that I love to have while pursuing my studies in Liverpool.

If I'm not mistaken, almost once or twice a week I have chips, and it breaks my records of having potatoes the most in my life during my stay. Besides, it attract me so much especially when I'm walking back to the place I'm staying and "marketing' at Tesco. (the stall was just opposite)

It was DELICIOUS especially when i am hungry and it makes me putting on weight very fast

Ordinary chips, chips & cheese, chips & hot dog...
Yum yum~~

Hmm... I think I need to go Dome to have chips that is similar with the above.


  1. It looks yummy!
    The portion looks big too!
    But very fattening.

  2. yup...that's why I tried to control myself when I saw the stall..

  3. I start to miss the fish and chips from the UK

  4. Lol...
    I've tried the fish before at York(UK), but it was too oily...and I've been a little phobia about it.
    hope will tried a delicious yet not too oily next time..(in M'sia)