Sunday, October 19, 2008

Easy Recipe 123 : Pumpkin Sago Dessert

Love to have Homemade Pumpkin Sago Dessert. :)

How to make it?

  •  1 quarter (or more) pumpkin that have been sliced into pieces.
  • Boiling water that enough to cover all the sliced pumpkin while preparing. (not too much water, because it will make the dessert doesn't taste good.)
  • Rock sugar/ ordinary sugar (optional)
  • Sago
  • "Ideal" milk

1. Boiled pumpkin until soft and smash it by using spoon that was hard enough.(smash with the boiling water is fine)

2. Then stir, add rock sugar that enough for own preference. If the pumpkin was mature enough, less sugar can be added.

3. Stir again and let the sugar melt. Add ideal milk for it flavour and milky. (The texture should not be too watery, it was like creamy creamy kind of soup)

4. Stir again. Add sago and boiled for a while until the sago become transparent.

5. YUMMY!!! It's DONE. Serve both cold or hot. Depends on own preference. I love if it served HOT.
For those who love to eat pumpkin, sure will love it...
As far as I remembered, I've tried once in one of the dessert shop. It taste weird and tasteless...watery without any bits.... I still prefer my homemade version.


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