Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chinese Restaurant in a Casino - Mah Jiong Restaurant, Liverpool

Sweats for today's pilates class~

Went to Mah Jiong Restaurant in Liverpool, UK which purely served Chinese food in a casino late at night (starts from 11pm), the restaurant only serves Chinese food with 4 pound each dish from Sunday until Tuesday or Wednesday (can't remember).

The food was unbelievable!!! I didn't regret that I had my dinner cum supper around that time. My friends been there previously without me and they say the food was GREAT and I was like.....??????(real or not?) but it was too late with a walk of 20 minutes to reach there, almost reach my university which I'm studying.

With a few good words of mouth, and I'm going there to have a try... one time and it makes me went there a few more times..OMG~~hahaha...

The menus of the dishes they served each night. There were some dishes that are similar and some not.

Porkribs. The taste was nice.
Muscles. OMG... My ex class representative was so in to it... The guys ordered few times because it cost reasonable and delicious... Drooling~~

Steam fish. The fish was fresh I think. Taste good.

Wow... Can't remember what it called. But I can for sure it taste real delicious.. Yummy!! with oyster (a lot that we can't finish) , pork, beancurd etc..

Roasted duck & pork. Can't believe it I can eat it while studying here in UK. However, we had a bit of disappointed on the last day we had our supper there because the duck wasn't that good as previous (didn't know what happen).

Dessert. We had the same dessert each time we had our supper there.

Besides all those, we will have soup served together with the dinner and it was free. All those dishes make us refill our rice for few times...especially guys...
Hmm....won't be having the nice dinner there again... and all of us will be missing it.=P


  1. I got a feeling. 'my ex class representative ordered few of them' hmm.. i guess its me. :D. Other guys also have a fair share of eating tat crap ok.~

  2. yayaya...kakakak=P
    Ya lar I say the guys mah...hahaha. & i ate 1 or two like tat....kekeke