Friday, October 31, 2008

Visits to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Me, my sister and her bf went to the wildlife park on one sunny afternoon... Thought that we couldn't made it because of the drizzling rain....

We reach there around 4.00pm and last entry for public was 4.30pm, their official closing hour for visiting those animals was 5.30pm (i think). For Malaysian, the ticket cost RM10 and RM20 for non-Malaysian. The cost was reasonable and worth it with those animals that we can see in there. For example, tiger, birds, sun bear, different kind of monkeys even Orang Utan which it zone was under construction etc.

We use about one hour to finish the whole "journey" in there.... We walk so much which was like jogging at Tun Fuad Stephen Park...with little hill in there. Besides, there were three section in the wildlife park which are four legged animals/big sized bird/ a little mixed section i.e.tiger, ostrich, bird park section and flora & fauna section (didn't have the opportunity to visit there, not enough time).

However, I enjoyed very much that day. I do LOVE animals.
The main entrance. Saw the vehicle? That person offer us for a ride back to the car park when we are on the way out after finish watching those animals etc.
African Cow. Craving for food.


Big and small sized. There were few bigger sized elephant that we didn't manage to have a look like those below. However, we went to have a peek somewhere behind where those elephants was having their bath.


We manage to see Rhinos where it was not normally hiding because of the hot weather. Thanks to the weather which turn windy that day. The rhino even "plays" with it's tongue for a few times.


Bird Park which was a closed area surrounded with trees, a little stream of water. There were many kinds of birds in there.

A type of monkey called slow-"loris" (spell wrongly, I know).

Forgotten what it called. Reminds you with the animation titled - Madagascar.

Proboscis Monkey.

A type of monkey which can be found only in Sabah.


Which it eyes looking at us one sided.

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  1. Nice. I don't remember seeing that Ring-tailed Lemur in the Wildlife park when I was there. Definitely will visit again. I sure had an enjoyable time there.