Thursday, October 23, 2008

Expensive Dunhill Cigarattes (UK Edition)

Had a nice "yum cha" session with my friends today~~

Smooth journey for my friends whose going to Arab for work~~ Times passes very fast & in days we shall meet again.

Pic: UK edition of Dunhill's cigarette.
Warning: Smoking seriously harms you & others around you.

Their packaging was nice. With a pack of 20 (large pack), consumer can separate the pack after smoked 10 cigarettes.

I bought it for my uncle who requested. It cost more than 5 pound/6 pound (expensive for me) for a pack of 20 cigarettes... Quite expensive... my uncle tried and he told me that it doesn't taste that good (UK have high caution for healthy living, yet many people still smoke) like Malaysia's edition with high nicotine (mg)...
As a joke, my bf & friends told me that "maybe "they" want Malaysian die faster...hahaha...Yea...I know, not funny.... =(
Ok lar...Nite nite everyone~~


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