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Friday, October 31, 2008

Visits to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Me, my sister and her bf went to the wildlife park on one sunny afternoon... Thought that we couldn't made it because of the drizzling rain....

We reach there around 4.00pm and last entry for public was 4.30pm, their official closing hour for visiting those animals was 5.30pm (i think). For Malaysian, the ticket cost RM10 and RM20 for non-Malaysian. The cost was reasonable and worth it with those animals that we can see in there. For example, tiger, birds, sun bear, different kind of monkeys even Orang Utan which it zone was under construction etc.

We use about one hour to finish the whole "journey" in there.... We walk so much which was like jogging at Tun Fuad Stephen Park...with little hill in there. Besides, there were three section in the wildlife park which are four legged animals/big sized bird/ a little mixed section i.e.tiger, ostrich, bird park section and flora & fauna section (didn't have the opportunity to visit there, not enough time).

However, I enjoyed very much that day. I do LOVE animals.
The main entrance. Saw the vehicle? That person offer us for a ride back to the car park when we are on the way out after finish watching those animals etc.
African Cow. Craving for food.


Big and small sized. There were few bigger sized elephant that we didn't manage to have a look like those below. However, we went to have a peek somewhere behind where those elephants was having their bath.


We manage to see Rhinos where it was not normally hiding because of the hot weather. Thanks to the weather which turn windy that day. The rhino even "plays" with it's tongue for a few times.


Bird Park which was a closed area surrounded with trees, a little stream of water. There were many kinds of birds in there.

A type of monkey called slow-"loris" (spell wrongly, I know).

Forgotten what it called. Reminds you with the animation titled - Madagascar.

Proboscis Monkey.

A type of monkey which can be found only in Sabah.


Which it eyes looking at us one sided.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

POTD - Miss UK

I think I want to eat Thailand food....but I can't...Intestine (tummy) not well.

Nothing to say...

Pic: I simply love flowers...especially roses..

Pic: My friend took these somewhere when he joined Europe trip.

It was like drawings...whenever we go in UK. The sky was beautiful...

p/s: Happy birthday to my dear friend (CGprincess)!!! Don't know where she went lately...=(

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm graduated from LJMU!!!

Receive my result from LJMU, Liverpool at last... Opened the envelope with a extreme heart beats (I'm scared about the result).
And from now onwards, I'm one of the BA (Hons) Commerce graduand. Finally, I'm graduated in the age on 22 years old in les than 2 months time...hahahha!!!! (^_^)V **claps**
One more external paper (corporate finance) to go, and I will be completely free for familiarising with those studies ingredients (in school/college/university, but doesn't mean that working didn't apply those, just not using those so much right? -at least can refers to some materials)
MT....MT....Put some energy/fuel in your coming up external paper examination... Don't be lazy anymore... You are wasting to much time already...
I will be leaving to KL next month for my Advanced Diploma convocation....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chinese Restaurant in a Casino - Mah Jiong Restaurant, Liverpool

Sweats for today's pilates class~

Went to Mah Jiong Restaurant in Liverpool, UK which purely served Chinese food in a casino late at night (starts from 11pm), the restaurant only serves Chinese food with 4 pound each dish from Sunday until Tuesday or Wednesday (can't remember).

The food was unbelievable!!! I didn't regret that I had my dinner cum supper around that time. My friends been there previously without me and they say the food was GREAT and I was like.....??????(real or not?) but it was too late with a walk of 20 minutes to reach there, almost reach my university which I'm studying.

With a few good words of mouth, and I'm going there to have a try... one time and it makes me went there a few more times..OMG~~hahaha...

The menus of the dishes they served each night. There were some dishes that are similar and some not.

Porkribs. The taste was nice.
Muscles. OMG... My ex class representative was so in to it... The guys ordered few times because it cost reasonable and delicious... Drooling~~

Steam fish. The fish was fresh I think. Taste good.

Wow... Can't remember what it called. But I can for sure it taste real delicious.. Yummy!! with oyster (a lot that we can't finish) , pork, beancurd etc..

Roasted duck & pork. Can't believe it I can eat it while studying here in UK. However, we had a bit of disappointed on the last day we had our supper there because the duck wasn't that good as previous (didn't know what happen).

Dessert. We had the same dessert each time we had our supper there.

Besides all those, we will have soup served together with the dinner and it was free. All those dishes make us refill our rice for few times...especially guys...
Hmm....won't be having the nice dinner there again... and all of us will be missing it.=P

Expensive Dunhill Cigarattes (UK Edition)

Had a nice "yum cha" session with my friends today~~

Smooth journey for my friends whose going to Arab for work~~ Times passes very fast & in days we shall meet again.

Pic: UK edition of Dunhill's cigarette.
Warning: Smoking seriously harms you & others around you.

Their packaging was nice. With a pack of 20 (large pack), consumer can separate the pack after smoked 10 cigarettes.

I bought it for my uncle who requested. It cost more than 5 pound/6 pound (expensive for me) for a pack of 20 cigarettes... Quite expensive... my uncle tried and he told me that it doesn't taste that good (UK have high caution for healthy living, yet many people still smoke) like Malaysia's edition with high nicotine (mg)...
As a joke, my bf & friends told me that "maybe "they" want Malaysian die faster...hahaha...Yea...I know, not funny.... =(
Ok lar...Nite nite everyone~~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Easy Recipe 123 : Pumpkin Sago Dessert

Love to have Homemade Pumpkin Sago Dessert. :)

How to make it?

  •  1 quarter (or more) pumpkin that have been sliced into pieces.
  • Boiling water that enough to cover all the sliced pumpkin while preparing. (not too much water, because it will make the dessert doesn't taste good.)
  • Rock sugar/ ordinary sugar (optional)
  • Sago
  • "Ideal" milk

1. Boiled pumpkin until soft and smash it by using spoon that was hard enough.(smash with the boiling water is fine)

2. Then stir, add rock sugar that enough for own preference. If the pumpkin was mature enough, less sugar can be added.

3. Stir again and let the sugar melt. Add ideal milk for it flavour and milky. (The texture should not be too watery, it was like creamy creamy kind of soup)

4. Stir again. Add sago and boiled for a while until the sago become transparent.

5. YUMMY!!! It's DONE. Serve both cold or hot. Depends on own preference. I love if it served HOT.
For those who love to eat pumpkin, sure will love it...
As far as I remembered, I've tried once in one of the dessert shop. It taste weird and tasteless...watery without any bits.... I still prefer my homemade version.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

S.M.All Saints - Poco-poco by teachers

Guess what I've found.....

It was funny and so so cute.... my ex-school teachers was doing dances together while teacher's day!!!

I saw Cikgu Cynthia.... and others I can't see it clearly.... How if Mr. Bala was there...jkjk...

Rock man....hahahahha...

How I miss all saints after I saw it.*sob sob*

Hmm.... I just wondering how if there was an event for people like us on weekend happening around similar to it?? Should be fun!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Easy Recipe 123 : Raisins, Corn Flakes & Pineapple Cookies

Having some mood to make cookies by following the ingredients and steps from a recipe found in a magazine. There's modification made after the first trial with the actual ingredient.

  • 280g self raising flour
  • 120g butter
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 80g raisins (black or yellowish)
  • 2 tablespoon fruit peels
  • A pinch of salt

1) Beat butter and sugar together until white and fluffy.

2) Add egg and stir, add flour slowly into the bowl of mixture.

3) Use hand to mix above mixture until it become like picture shown below.

4) Add raisins and fruit peels before putting on the pan.
5) Use tablespoon to design the cookies.
6) Bake cookies for 15 to 20 minutes (or monitor the cookies until it's colour turns into brown) with 180 degree temperature.

On the second day, I tried to make another type of biscuit with different flavour and design. My mom's worker told me to add some corn flour (starch), custard flour and wheat flour together in exchange with the self raising flour (280g), so that the biscuit will be crunchy. Besides, one or two drops of vanilla essence into the mixtures of flour can make the biscuit smells better.
The below was made with corn flakes and the pattern with strips on top of the biscuit was done by using a fork.

I've made other patterns of biscuits too... with chocolate chips, almond etc...

Pineapple tart. My mom favorite.
The pineapple can be found in some supermarket, or can be done our own... At first "shave" (or blend using blender - not preferable unless you are lazy) the pineapple into a big bowl to prevent from overflowing. It looks like juice. Then, cook the shaved pineapple until dry and yellowish. And don't forget to add sugar while cooking!!! One pineapple 3 tablespoon sugar (depend on preference).

p/s: Remember to spread some mixture of eggs, sugar and vanilla essence (mixed together) to "brush" the surface of those biscuit, so that it looks yellowish & attractive after its done.... YUMMY!!!