Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Highlights on Liverpool Cultural Year (2008) - Happening Music Festival Everywhere!

Yes, finally finished the last paper today -- Strategic Purchasing... And I'm preparing to go back Malaysia... Can't wait for that day & I missing UK too!!

Music festival was one of the most happening event this year in Liverpool for two days (24 & 25 August 2008). It was full of music & dances here. There were 6 stages with different theme for all of that..Beatles, Rock, Blues etc...

I'm grateful that I'm here to enjoy the happening events...Me and some of my friends went out the night before to buy some things & we realise that there were stages that the city council & related party was building up the stages here & there...

Enjoy the below pictures:

For the first time, I saw many roads being blocked and there were full of people walking around... And I'm enjoying that, the whole city was full of people.

Derby Square Stage - Beatles with Big Screen. We stood there & enjoyed the show by American English. Saw their Beatles appearance? Paul McCartney, John Lennon...

Saw the crowd? Can you imagine how was their expression towards those happening events? I think the man singing was one of the famous singer for them, but for us...Question marks???

Superlambanana Stage near the place I'm staying. The old man was having fun himself...

Willamson Square Stage - Streetwaves. Street fevers for youngster.

We saw some artist for the events. Good looking tho.
People was friendly & dancing around, drinking around with beers & glasses.
Pic: Red Indian music...Not one of the show for the event that day, just street performers. We're enjoying much in the sound of music played by them...And guess what the CD they sold for 10 pound.


  1. Just now morning before I leave, I want to wish u good luck for ur exam but my stupid MSN unable to send the msg. In the mean time, I was rushing coz I am late for school. Sorry for the late wishing. Anyway, wish u pass with flying colours and also wish u have a safe and warm journey all the way back to Malaysia. Can't believe that times pass so fast! Got time, we meet at KK lah :P

  2. thanks..=P
    Nvm,i'm gam dong with your late reply.At least u got the heart to leave this msg.sure we can meet in kk de.hahaha..