Wednesday, September 10, 2008

University Tour : Visiting to Liverpool Football Club (LFC)

I'm back to my home...and on Monday, my identity card number was out in lottery for special parents & bf didn't bought that...*sigh*

My university's student union organised LFC tour for student to join with a cost of 11 pound (transportation & LFC tour).

Something to start it with --- I'm in Liverpool for studies right? If I didn't went to the LFC tour, then how can I say that I'm in Liverpool...

Even though I didn't went to Manchester United tour but I'm feeling lucky that I have the chance to join this LFC tour.

Here goes... We went there with the 1.30pm coach. Around 2.30pm, the tour started.

The logo for Liverpool Football Club.

The museum & Club store. Pictures inside was taken after the tour.

Bill Shankly.

We went in to the field with the players' entrance.

Yeah Yeah... Took pictures with the footballers jersey. Real jersey!!! Saw Gerrad?

The seats for public. New version was with pillow & the old version was without the pillow which the tour leader told us that "It will hurt our bum!!"

Besides, there were seats for medias, broadcast etc above those public seats.

Some explanation was made by the tour leader & we sit at the seats for those LFC players & the opponent seats!!
Click play to see the field in a glance.

They told me that MU was huge compared with other football clubs.

All of us was being warned that we cannot step or touch the grass...It was an offence if we touch and the tour will stop immediately.

Well care for the grasses.

Museum. We visited their museum which was second floor.

I bought some souvenir for myself & collection for my home & cars.
There were a lot of cups won from year to year which I saw with a glance.

Pic: Some gifts left by my friend who visited Liverpool while I'm studying there. Thanks Diana (dt)


  1. Welcome!! Anyway, thanks for the wonderful stay and dinner when I was at ur place..Really thanks a lot..Glad that u like it..See u when back in Sabah!!

  2. OMG I sooooooooooooooooooo want to go to my beloved arsenal's Ashburton Groove!!!!!

  3. Wah! Nice one. Enjoy yourself at Anfield?

    Seems like you're an MU fan though :( lol!