Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodbye Liverpool...

Hello, how are you today?

Two and half more hours, all of us going to leave our hostel and left to Manchester airport for those who didn't join Europe Trip...and that's includes me..

And tomorrow I will reach Malaysia & wait for few hours for my flight at night and back to my hometown.

I'm going to miss those time with my friends here, enjoying the time where we eat supper, the movies that we shared among all of us...the party that we have at our unit & the unit above...

And I'm going to thanks to my parents who gave me the oppurtunity to come here for my studies. Three months was like happened yesterday... And I still remember the time when I reach here.
Friends, may we meet on our convocation ceromony and for her that going to work her ---> All the best, and I'm going to miss those time we took pictures and going places together..=P
Yea...I just end here, and will update further for some which I haven't post when I reach home.
Pictures that we took while visiting different places. (There were some "Aliens" that actually not part of us.)


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