Thursday, September 11, 2008

【泰国游】 卡碧岛 Fun in Thailand : Krabi Island

Star cruise post was a post which I have posted in my previous blog which i had deleted. The trip cost around RM2000++ per person if I'm not wrong & it depends which room which you like to have.

It was a trip sponsored by my mom to motivate me to study harder in college.

Krabi was a beautiful place which I visited after CNY during the Star Cruise visit. Krabi was recognise as one of the best island to be while in Thailand besides Phuket etc... It was a good experience which we have to use small traditional boats to take around 30 minutes to reach the beach from the ship.

I bought many things from the trip in Krabi. We didn't walk through the other part of the beach which they said it have many tourist who have their sun bath there. We went to a restaurant to have some drinks before we're back to the ship.
The next destination --- Phuket on the same day.
If I didn't mistaken, I heard that my older sister told me that we will go there again, and it was by plane!!!


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