Saturday, September 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm feeling bad luck now-a-days...
Another 6++ more hours I will reach my lovely hometown...

Exhausted now because of accumulated late sleepless night.
Besides, there were flame inside my heart due to the stupid excess weight of my luggage in Manchester airport, which there were a fat lady with lousy service.

In KLIA, walk here & there for few times to change my air ticket to an earlier flight. But, no... didn't manage to, not because of money, just the ticket i bought was a promotion price earlier with a convenient time & it was unchangeable, Even if a new ticket was issue it was with a transit flight, no...and now still stick with the usual time...

Oh my, I'm so so so tired here waiting for the time to pass. And now, online to fill up my free time here.

Picture : Disney outlet - Liverpool 1


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