Friday, September 19, 2008

Massive Crowd of Football fans in Liverpool

Just back from hanging out with friends talking craps~~~

On 27th August 2008, there was a match between Liverpool football team with another team from XXX (didn't knew which team was it).

There were many fans came to support their favourite team all the way from places. Liverpool was crowded with people on that day.... And I think the match suppose to be at night.
Almost everyday we, students pass the place and on that sunny day people was crowded standing here & there... drinking, cheering, jumping maybe because of tipsy....*_*'' and cheering was sort of like "singing" a lyrics about football team maybe...It was loud & seriously crowded, that people was cheering with one another.

I think those fans wasn't the local people in Liverpool, where they even drinks beside the streets with beer in their hand (there was a law where drinking was not allowed in certain time).... Even police officers were there to secure the place.

Guess how scary was it...


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