Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Past - Life in Liverpool with Friends

I cut my hair on that holiday~~

At last I can write something for my new post, someone was using my laptop for sometimes...How I miss my baby much...

And by the way, I sprain a little of my leg...hurt & I was like bursting my temper out just now...
MT seldom burst out her temper actually, but when she does...You will be in BIGggg trouble...hehhehe...jkjk...=P
It was the day before the last (4th Sept 2008), one of our friend was leaving that day (the middle in white T) to some place for work... I was waiting for her sister to pick her up & to see her for the last time (maybe). Luckily, she catch up with us for the last pictures when 5 of us leaving for shopping...she was on her way back to Marybone that time.
All the girls that I'm staying with during my studies for that three months....I'm missing those studies life there...Nothing to worry about except assignments & examinations. Now, helping out with my parents & entering the cruel world of working life.... GrghhhHhhhh!!!!


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