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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe - 1 Borneo

I'm a fat fat girl in a big big world... Exercise needed!!!
Been to 1 Borneo for the first time after I'm back from UK... It was Saturday and my older sister & her friends bring me out for dinner & movies, unfortunately the car tyre was damaged because of the nail outside my under renovation house. So, we just have our dinner & heading straight back home after that.
We tried our dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe which the food served was Hong Kong styled.
The menu was attractive that all the food was eye catchy but in actual the food's taste was so-so only.

Drinks - Peach Tea, Lychee Tea, Honey Lemon & Lime I think.
Mun Fan. I don't know how to describe this but it taste was... weird.. not recommending it for people. The rice was too dry & it was like soup with rice & eggs etc..
Spaghetti with Pork Chop. My sister ordered this, she says that it taste better.

Cheesy Rice with Pork Chop. The taste was okay... and it would be better if the rice was fried and not too dry.
My sister's friend was over estimated about the dish below. It was similar to the instant noodle that we can have at home by adding bull eyes (egg) and two slices of ham. hahaha~~
This one better.... Fried chicken, there was a name for it but I forget what it called.
Mango Snow Ice - Thought that these dessert was great.. but actually not... The appearances and the name was attractive... The whole dessert was too icy and the mango was too little and it was not sweet enough... besides the dessert was mixed with Jelly too and some sauce for the colouring... For us, it was lousy.

Overall, the environment was okay, but the food...*sigh*.... okay lar...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Massive Crowd of Football fans in Liverpool

Just back from hanging out with friends talking craps~~~

On 27th August 2008, there was a match between Liverpool football team with another team from XXX (didn't knew which team was it).

There were many fans came to support their favourite team all the way from places. Liverpool was crowded with people on that day.... And I think the match suppose to be at night.
Almost everyday we, students pass the place and on that sunny day people was crowded standing here & there... drinking, cheering, jumping maybe because of tipsy....*_*'' and cheering was sort of like "singing" a lyrics about football team maybe...It was loud & seriously crowded, that people was cheering with one another.

I think those fans wasn't the local people in Liverpool, where they even drinks beside the streets with beer in their hand (there was a law where drinking was not allowed in certain time).... Even police officers were there to secure the place.

Guess how scary was it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Past - Life in Liverpool with Friends

I cut my hair on that holiday~~

At last I can write something for my new post, someone was using my laptop for sometimes...How I miss my baby much...

And by the way, I sprain a little of my leg...hurt & I was like bursting my temper out just now...
MT seldom burst out her temper actually, but when she does...You will be in BIGggg trouble...hehhehe...jkjk...=P
It was the day before the last (4th Sept 2008), one of our friend was leaving that day (the middle in white T) to some place for work... I was waiting for her sister to pick her up & to see her for the last time (maybe). Luckily, she catch up with us for the last pictures when 5 of us leaving for shopping...she was on her way back to Marybone that time.
All the girls that I'm staying with during my studies for that three months....I'm missing those studies life there...Nothing to worry about except assignments & examinations. Now, helping out with my parents & entering the cruel world of working life.... GrghhhHhhhh!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

【泰国游】 卡碧岛 Fun in Thailand : Krabi Island

Star cruise post was a post which I have posted in my previous blog which i had deleted. The trip cost around RM2000++ per person if I'm not wrong & it depends which room which you like to have.

It was a trip sponsored by my mom to motivate me to study harder in college.

Krabi was a beautiful place which I visited after CNY during the Star Cruise visit. Krabi was recognise as one of the best island to be while in Thailand besides Phuket etc... It was a good experience which we have to use small traditional boats to take around 30 minutes to reach the beach from the ship.

I bought many things from the trip in Krabi. We didn't walk through the other part of the beach which they said it have many tourist who have their sun bath there. We went to a restaurant to have some drinks before we're back to the ship.
The next destination --- Phuket on the same day.
If I didn't mistaken, I heard that my older sister told me that we will go there again, and it was by plane!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

University Tour : Visiting to Liverpool Football Club (LFC)

I'm back to my home...and on Monday, my identity card number was out in lottery for special parents & bf didn't bought that...*sigh*

My university's student union organised LFC tour for student to join with a cost of 11 pound (transportation & LFC tour).

Something to start it with --- I'm in Liverpool for studies right? If I didn't went to the LFC tour, then how can I say that I'm in Liverpool...

Even though I didn't went to Manchester United tour but I'm feeling lucky that I have the chance to join this LFC tour.

Here goes... We went there with the 1.30pm coach. Around 2.30pm, the tour started.

The logo for Liverpool Football Club.

The museum & Club store. Pictures inside was taken after the tour.

Bill Shankly.

We went in to the field with the players' entrance.

Yeah Yeah... Took pictures with the footballers jersey. Real jersey!!! Saw Gerrad?

The seats for public. New version was with pillow & the old version was without the pillow which the tour leader told us that "It will hurt our bum!!"

Besides, there were seats for medias, broadcast etc above those public seats.

Some explanation was made by the tour leader & we sit at the seats for those LFC players & the opponent seats!!
Click play to see the field in a glance.

They told me that MU was huge compared with other football clubs.

All of us was being warned that we cannot step or touch the grass...It was an offence if we touch and the tour will stop immediately.

Well care for the grasses.

Museum. We visited their museum which was second floor.

I bought some souvenir for myself & collection for my home & cars.
There were a lot of cups won from year to year which I saw with a glance.

Pic: Some gifts left by my friend who visited Liverpool while I'm studying there. Thanks Diana (dt)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

LJMU Farewell Dinner at Aldephi Dinner & Disco, Liverpool

At home now...Having dinner at Moon Bell just now~

On 29th Sept 2008, our university had a farewell dinner for summer programme students at Britainia Aldephi Hotel. It started on 6.00pm, but me & my friends was late for almost two hours due to courier thingy for one of my housemate.

All of us dressed up beautifully even though we didn't have any dinner there on that night. We've been there for a while and after that we went to have dinner at McDonald, after that we went back to the hotel to meet other friends.

Group pictures of us, but not complete for all of us, some of them was "lost".
How was I look?

The dancing floor for disco after dinner.

Many students took pictures for the last time before exam & separation between each other after finish Degree.
Bye Bye LJMU...Bye bye Liverpool... bye bye UK...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm feeling bad luck now-a-days...
Another 6++ more hours I will reach my lovely hometown...

Exhausted now because of accumulated late sleepless night.
Besides, there were flame inside my heart due to the stupid excess weight of my luggage in Manchester airport, which there were a fat lady with lousy service.

In KLIA, walk here & there for few times to change my air ticket to an earlier flight. But, no... didn't manage to, not because of money, just the ticket i bought was a promotion price earlier with a convenient time & it was unchangeable, Even if a new ticket was issue it was with a transit flight, no...and now still stick with the usual time...

Oh my, I'm so so so tired here waiting for the time to pass. And now, online to fill up my free time here.

Picture : Disney outlet - Liverpool 1

Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodbye Liverpool...

Hello, how are you today?

Two and half more hours, all of us going to leave our hostel and left to Manchester airport for those who didn't join Europe Trip...and that's includes me..

And tomorrow I will reach Malaysia & wait for few hours for my flight at night and back to my hometown.

I'm going to miss those time with my friends here, enjoying the time where we eat supper, the movies that we shared among all of us...the party that we have at our unit & the unit above...

And I'm going to thanks to my parents who gave me the oppurtunity to come here for my studies. Three months was like happened yesterday... And I still remember the time when I reach here.
Friends, may we meet on our convocation ceromony and for her that going to work her ---> All the best, and I'm going to miss those time we took pictures and going places together..=P
Yea...I just end here, and will update further for some which I haven't post when I reach home.
Pictures that we took while visiting different places. (There were some "Aliens" that actually not part of us.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lunch at Yates's, Liverpool

Going back in 2 more days~
Went to Yates's for 2 times with friends and we enjoyed those foods that we ordered.
It was a bar with many different types of alcohol drinks.
We ordered the below menu with 6.95 pound for two meals.
The dishes that we have for those two days. However, I forget what was it called.

Cappuccino & chocolate drink with toffee cakes. The cake taste quite nice...Yummy.

Overall the food serve was nice & full too. The environment was great for friends to chat & having lunch or dinner.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Highlights on Liverpool Cultural Year (2008) - Happening Music Festival Everywhere!

Yes, finally finished the last paper today -- Strategic Purchasing... And I'm preparing to go back Malaysia... Can't wait for that day & I missing UK too!!

Music festival was one of the most happening event this year in Liverpool for two days (24 & 25 August 2008). It was full of music & dances here. There were 6 stages with different theme for all of that..Beatles, Rock, Blues etc...

I'm grateful that I'm here to enjoy the happening events...Me and some of my friends went out the night before to buy some things & we realise that there were stages that the city council & related party was building up the stages here & there...

Enjoy the below pictures:

For the first time, I saw many roads being blocked and there were full of people walking around... And I'm enjoying that, the whole city was full of people.

Derby Square Stage - Beatles with Big Screen. We stood there & enjoyed the show by American English. Saw their Beatles appearance? Paul McCartney, John Lennon...

Saw the crowd? Can you imagine how was their expression towards those happening events? I think the man singing was one of the famous singer for them, but for us...Question marks???

Superlambanana Stage near the place I'm staying. The old man was having fun himself...

Willamson Square Stage - Streetwaves. Street fevers for youngster.

We saw some artist for the events. Good looking tho.
People was friendly & dancing around, drinking around with beers & glasses.
Pic: Red Indian music...Not one of the show for the event that day, just street performers. We're enjoying much in the sound of music played by them...And guess what the CD they sold for 10 pound.