Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life in Liverpool : Street Performers here

Went to shopping today~~

Street's performer that we've seen in Liverpool while walking around. There were many of them, but we just took some pictures of whom we seen. I heard that there were student that have been required to pay 5 pound after they took their pictures..luckily me & my friends didn't face such a situation.heheeh... =P
Most of them that we can see are musician, like violinist, guitarist sings with beautiful voices, beautiful songs... Dancers etc...and what is the similarity that we have seen is -------> all of them was GUY!!!! didn't see any female who became a street's performer....Oh ya...I just saw female's street performer while visiting York. (click the word beside to know more about York)

Check out his right hand....

The break dance's dancer with own instrument---> drums etc.

Beautiful things, beautiful people that we can see when walking around...especially with the cold weather in the SUMMER.
Pic: Blue Cheese that I've bought few weeks ago.. I like the taste actually even though some people may not like them.


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