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Liverpool Shopping Hauls - Weekly Shopping Spree

Dearest, please take care yourself~~ I'm going back soon, so much to buy, so much to bring~~
These week is kind of cool for me. I went out with some of my friends for shopping.
I saw Ben & Jerry's ice cream & guess what...It was lower than 2 pound after half price discount. Taste good actually.

Friday shopping...
Zara, Thorntons (choc), Peacock etc...

Saturday shopping... H&M, Mark & Spencer, Beauty (fragrance) shop etc... Meatball & mom: dress & cardigan for you...

My lunch for today ---> Jacket potato - Cheese & chives meal.

Shopping stuff was for myself, family & friends...It was a mixture of different prices. So much to buy actually. Hmm...I think I didn't buy much for myself. kekeke...

Pic: Steamboat for the first time on Thursday. We made wantan, chicken soup etc for dinner...


Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. ohh i love H&M!!!!! arrghhhh
    i miss london =(

  2. come back London in future when u have the chance...& haven't been there yet due to some stupid reason.hahaha.....
    H&M nice clothings with affordable prices...=P