Sunday, August 3, 2008

What I See - Snap Shots of Lake District, The Lakes, UK

Waiting for my friend to come~~
The end chapter to finish my trip in Lake District...
Me & two other friends went to a place where there were cafe & have a great lake view.
While we are capturing pictures, a man approached us to take a picture for 3 of us & he requested us to take pictures with him too.

At the back of me was the cafe.
Smooth tasty ice cream... I ate Mint choc top ice cream with flakes...YUMMY!!!

Beautiful swan & their "babies".

I bought a pair of rings from North Wales. It can change colour according to our "mood". But I think actually was according to out body heat.


  1. Come back again to our beautiful part of the Lake District won't you.

    We can always welcome a blogger like you at our Lake District Holiday Cottages.

  2. =)
    Thank you for visiting here...
    Glad to know that you are from Lake District..
    Maybe in future or I'll let my friends know about it when they visit UK.

  3. hahaha...I buy 1 pair, one from him de mah...kakka
    malaysia also got de...