Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner at Gayang Seafood Restaurant, Tuaran, Sabah

Feeling some disappointment inside.

Gayang Restaurant was located at Sabah, it takes about 25 minutes from Kota Kinabalu city. The restaurant was famous for their seafood.
Their dishes served was nice actually..but need to depends which you ordered.
Below pictures was taken few months back when there were friends that came to visit Sabah.

Saw those lively fishes, crabs etc?

Sabah famous vegetable dish.

I like these one..especially the YAM.

Crab dish.

The fish.

Soft skin crab.
The chicken - forgotten whether it is lemon chicken or what.

Forget what was the name of the below dish. The skin of the prawn was hard.


  1. gayang restaurant ?? is it located around inanam there ??

    hmm ... okay .. theres quite a lot of good picture in ur blog !! feeling fantastic bout it !!

    feel free to visit my site , !! it is a directory and community space for all malaysian to find the best food and restaurant in town !! so , if you free , go sign up as a member , that is free and mroe news letter bout new restaurant and fantastic food notification will send to you !! :)

    Ciaoz .. and keep in touch *wink*

  2. hi, thank you for visiting me...
    Hmm...Inanam...not really, Gayang was located further than Inanam. It was located further than Salut (famous & operating more longer than Gayang)..If I'm not wrong ,the location was tuaran road ---> KKIP that side...

    There was a famous seafood restaurant too which located in Inanam actually, but I can't really remember what they called already.

    Okay, I will visit U, there were a lot of food entries you have.

  3. haha .. yeap ... so feel free to drop by la !! huh .. so now you are still a student ? saw some of your fantastic pic !! making me have a mood to go for travelling !!

    oh ... Salut i have went there before !! but now staying in KL .. so just once a year wil go back KK then hopefully will go figure out the Gayang Restaurant u mentioned !! :)


  4. nice to meet u actually.
    Yup, I'm a student now...& will end to be one real real soon..haha..
    Thx for your compliment anywhere..=P

    U mean u work in KL? Hmm...Gayang food was okay lar that day...
    BTW remember to try the chinese muslim food in moon bell (I written before),..realllll gooooddddd...nice & different..