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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner at Gayang Seafood Restaurant, Tuaran, Sabah

Feeling some disappointment inside.

Gayang Restaurant was located at Sabah, it takes about 25 minutes from Kota Kinabalu city. The restaurant was famous for their seafood.
Their dishes served was nice actually..but need to depends which you ordered.
Below pictures was taken few months back when there were friends that came to visit Sabah.

Saw those lively fishes, crabs etc?

Sabah famous vegetable dish.

I like these one..especially the YAM.

Crab dish.

The fish.

Soft skin crab.
The chicken - forgotten whether it is lemon chicken or what.

Forget what was the name of the below dish. The skin of the prawn was hard.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Had Lunch at Nando's, Liverpool

Just another normal day with lectures.
Me and some other friends went to Nando's to have our lunch after class. The differences between Malaysian Nando's & UK Nando's, I think is the drinks, they have alcohol provided & their food wasn't hot enough for Malaysian like us even though we ordered the spiciest one.

The decoration which mainly made from woods, even their ceiling was wooden board which we still can see some footprints on it.

Peach Drink

Peri Peri chicken with the hottest spice, but it wasn't hot enough for all of us even we add so much chili sauces. If I'm not wrong it's around 12.++ pound with additional 2 bottom less soft drinks.

p/s: Sorry for the poor quality pictures...Forgot to bring my cameras that day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a Lovely Cakes House in Liverpool

I'm fat...

Beautiful cakes that we saw when we walk around in Sainsbury's Central.

I like the below wedding's cake!!! Simple yet beautiful.

How cute if I have one for my wedding....I'm dreaming~~~hehehe...=P

Cute right? Is like a dinner table for the wedding couple. It cost 550 pound if I'm not wrong. Wow....


Besides all those, there were more wedding cakes & birthday cakes for babies & all ages...with pictures also available... I even saw miniature of The Beatles on the cakes...
All those cute little character on top of the cakes are hand made, & we saw the staff inside made it..Is unbelievable....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dream Food Japanese Restaurant, Centre Point, K. K.

Whole day sitting here watching drama~~

I love to go below Japanese Restaurant at my hometown which located in Centre Point. The price was reasonable were all of us can afford to pay...
Everything was fresh & many people love to go there to have their dinner & lunch. And I can't wait to go back there again when I'm back to Kota Kinabalu..wee~~~

Saw the train??

Chirashi set, which I'm loving it... Even chirashi children set was enough for me.

I'm missing Japanese food!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Liverpool Shopping Hauls - Weekly Shopping Spree

Dearest, please take care yourself~~ I'm going back soon, so much to buy, so much to bring~~
These week is kind of cool for me. I went out with some of my friends for shopping.
I saw Ben & Jerry's ice cream & guess what...It was lower than 2 pound after half price discount. Taste good actually.

Friday shopping...
Zara, Thorntons (choc), Peacock etc...

Saturday shopping... H&M, Mark & Spencer, Beauty (fragrance) shop etc... Meatball & mom: dress & cardigan for you...

My lunch for today ---> Jacket potato - Cheese & chives meal.

Shopping stuff was for myself, family & friends...It was a mixture of different prices. So much to buy actually. Hmm...I think I didn't buy much for myself. kekeke...

Pic: Steamboat for the first time on Thursday. We made wantan, chicken soup etc for dinner...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life in Liverpool : Street Performers here

Went to shopping today~~

Street's performer that we've seen in Liverpool while walking around. There were many of them, but we just took some pictures of whom we seen. I heard that there were student that have been required to pay 5 pound after they took their pictures..luckily me & my friends didn't face such a situation.heheeh... =P
Most of them that we can see are musician, like violinist, guitarist sings with beautiful voices, beautiful songs... Dancers etc...and what is the similarity that we have seen is -------> all of them was GUY!!!! didn't see any female who became a street's performer....Oh ya...I just saw female's street performer while visiting York. (click the word beside to know more about York)

Check out his right hand....

The break dance's dancer with own instrument---> drums etc.

Beautiful things, beautiful people that we can see when walking around...especially with the cold weather in the SUMMER.
Pic: Blue Cheese that I've bought few weeks ago.. I like the taste actually even though some people may not like them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Gonna Say By to UK Soon...

At last I left the last paper/subject to study~~

Still left three more weeks in UK... Is like a few weeks back I just arrive here....

So sad...So bad....I'm feeling sad because I'm going back to Malaysia so sooOoon.

I think I'm missing UK even I'm still here currently, so much places I want to go. But....sigh**

Feeling a little regretting lately....


Conclusion: I must MUST must come back UK again in future...when I have the chance...

So many places that I want to go ---> Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Bali etc...

In short, the whole world!!!
Pic: Meatball....Part of the things I've bought...kekekeke.....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Calm Llandudno @ North Wales, UK

Exam on Wednesday~~

Some of the pictures that've been took while visiting Llandudno.
The skies was different there where the wind were also strong & cold...

Adorable pets...It didn't wake up even I went near to it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

University Tour to Conwy Castle, North Wales, UK

Sometimes I felt that I'm useless in my academic perspective~~

We went to North Wales on 30 July 2008 where it was one of the free trip provided by our University's programme.

The first destination was Conwy Castle where it was a classic walled castle that surround a small town. It has circuit of walls that have over three quarters of a mile long and guarded by not less than 22 towers.

The bridge view from the castle. Taken by my friend.
I'm at the top of the Conwy castle tower, the staircase was so steep and goes round & round.
The drawing of Conwy Castle.

The next destination - Llandudno...

Pic: Kenzo fragrance that I've bought. Nice smell it have~~