Monday, July 7, 2008

York Museum - World War until the 60's

Just stay at home whole day~~Studying, watching movies...Lives~~~

I'm interested in Tarots.

After we visit Clifford's Tower, we went to the Museum which was nearby Clifford's Tower & bought some souvenirs before entering their museum.

Pic: Bikinis for centuries ago for later generation like those in movies where lovers love to go beaches to relax & have fun.

Pic: Transportation for centuries ago.

Pic: Their entertainment for children & adults.

Pic: Newspaper since XXXX. I forgot when is it, but i'm sure that it was a very old newspaper.

Pic: Cliff Richard (60's) for my dad.

Pic: I like their design. Pretty & fashionable.

Pic: King William Hotel, with bar & the phone below.

Pic: Mushi mushi anybody there?

It was free entry & many people visit there, we spent hours to take pictures & learning new things.

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  1. Not bad photos!

    I visited Ripley's museum-like place in Genting! Love it there and this as well!