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The York Dungeon @ York, UK

Taxi fares from Liverpool to Manchester airport - 60 pound. My mind was full of questions & answer, it was miserable when people bugging at me. Can you just leave me alone stop bugging me? I've have my own life.OK? It was sucks~~Real sucks~~

THE YORK DUNGEON - One of the famous spot for tourist to visit.

"It brings more than 2.000 years of gruesomely authentic history back to life... & death. As you delve into darkest chapters of grim & bloody past, recreated in all its dreadful detail, remember, everything you experience here really happened." Students: 11.95 pound

Pic: View from far for The York Dungeon. I think it should the whole building.

Pic: We walk across that street for few times & it was long queue all the time.

Pic: Walking back to town from York Boat. cool~~ hahaha... (LL took this)


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