Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is York Boat, York

I love the CUBA MUSIC that I've listen today~~ I love Salsa. I just love culture.

York Boat was located at the river. It allow people sit back & enjoy the sights of York City & country by day or by night in rainy day or sunny day. Besides,people can even relax with a drink from bar/coffee shop & rest their feet in the comfort heated lounge or open sun decks. Adults - 7 pound.
Is really enjoying in York & their feeling was like old fashioned. We manage to look around, not many but we still enjoyed very much.

Pic: The scenery around York Boat. Lovely right?
Pic: My classmates. wondering?

Pic: Duck~ Duck~ Duckling~
Pic: My background look nice right?
Nice place to go for people who love Roman feels & the feelings for similar movies in the 60's or earlier...I love those people who walks around there, it feel comfortable & lovely. Just like animated movies that I love to watch -Beauty & the beast; Hunchback of Norte dame; Cinderella etc....
p/s: Next blog will be mix pictures of York.


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