Friday, August 1, 2008

Row your boat - Lake Windermere @ The Lakes, UK

I wanna eat nice food!!!
Some of us went to have a boat ride with the name Doris and it cost 6 pound each person for 1 hour. It's kind of fun & suspend where need to balance our weight in that boat so that it wouldn't drop us in to the Lake.
Some scary action was done by our classmate where there were switching places & standing up. After that then we realise that there were a warning note attached on that boat.
The far view of the lake beside where we started our ride.

Shot scene of the ride we are having on the boat...

The one talking..not me k?


  1. bahaya oh... cos u all sendiri row boat.. and exchange places??? dangerous la.. luckily the boat didn't overturned.

  2. HEHEHE...I only switch places by sticking my butt on the seat to the next slowly...but those who row yang stand up to switch place...
    I don even dare to move lar..I lagi takut..
    especially the boat goyang goyang unbalance...