Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Roman Fortress, York

Today was sunny & hot.

The first destination at York was Roman Fortress. Our Clubs & Society Coordinator walk us to that building & we walk through the bridge up there. After that was free & easy for all students.

Pic: Art Gallery at York.

Pic: Roman Fortress. I felt like entering another world when we enter to that round entrance. It was fascinating inside, is like a small town with many shops in the old times.

Pic: Drawings. Every places that we went was full of beautiful drawings.

Pic: Girls from my class.

Pic: The wall after we walk for a while through the bridge up there.

Pic: I sat on the wall & the scenery there was beautiful with buildings and landscape.

Pic: Saw that tall white building? It was York Minster, one of the tourist spot for us to visit.

Pic: We took a picture before leaving that place. We didn't walk through the whole bridge because it will took about 2 hours (according to what we heard) to walk finish that journey, we just walk back to the actual point and walk around the street inside Roman Fortress.

Pic: The next destination - Clifford's Tower.


  1. i also want go there to play but dun have money !!

  2. I was there in 1999. It's quite fun to walk around the wall. Good to see the walls are still well preserved

  3. Yup, I hope I can go to UK again to visit places...
    Wow..almost 10 years ago...I like the place!!