Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Highlight on Liverpool Cultural Year (2008) - RFA LYME BAY

My exam will be on Friday~
Went to visit RFA LYME BAY on 19 July 2008 at Mersey Ferry Terminal, it was open for public from 18th till 21st July 2008.
It was a big ship that provides logistic support to military operations, that carries a military force of 356 Royal Marines & up to 135 crew & augmentees...
Many people was queue up for the tour around the ship & it was free entry, there were donation for kind hearted people to donate some money.

Pic: RFA Lyme Bay.

Pic: Saw the queue.

Pic: We have the opportunity to take pictures on the CAPTAIN'S SEAT.
Pic: View of the Dock outside.

Pic: The front view of the ship.

Pic: He should be the Captain.

Pic: Can't you imagine how windy it was. All of us like flying off from the ground. We can't even move sometimes.
Knew my result today...
I'm missing home now-a-days especially him.sniff* sniff*='(


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