Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liverpool Museum - Meeting Extinct Creature

Is a hot day today in Liverpool (20C)

Pic: Stoned leaf.

Pic: Mineral & crystal.

Pic: Dinosaurs.

Pic: Footprint of Dinosaur.
Pic: Small footprint of Rhynchosaurs & early Tortoises.

Pic: Mammoths. It was belongs to the elephant family...It makes me remember Ice Age, the animation movies.
Pic: Paola Bear & fox.

Pic: The evolution of us - human.
Pic: "Nariokotome Boy". It's like human but in a small sized one, with bones that it stronger that us.
From the pictures taken, I think it's quite bored, but cultural maybe will be nicer, & it will be the next...We worn their custome provided there...

Pic: He was shy when I "kissed" him..hahaha... The picture on the museum wall inside.


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