Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liverpool Museum - The Astrology Level

I was blur today, don't know why... I even didn't realise that the cashier didn't return my change to me, eventually I remembered it & claim from her & I forgot my reference book after i top up my phone. How forgetful~~

We start our first step from the fifth floor which is the highest. There have a lot of clocks (big & small sized).

Pic: Clocks

Pic: Clocks for decoration & pocket clock.

Pic: A person is viewing the moon I think...I'm forgetful.

Pic: That person is explaining about the sun, moon etc.

Pic: Minerals from the moon. They even have the short story about Apollo who went to the moon mission.

Pic: Friends ask me to do this. That 'thing' was full of wire and it is too complicated.

Pic: Rockets which researches send to the space.

Pic: Mineral from out of space.

Pic: Coarse Iron Meteorite. It was sOoOo heavy, I try to feel the weight that day.
Actually I'm not really interested in those Astrology, but others it's quite attracting & we have a lot of fun there.


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