Thursday, July 17, 2008

What I See - This is Manchester City.

There were students went to Edinburgh for few days & for some of us who didn't manage to go Scotland, we went to Manchester. A great city to be.

We arrived at Manchester around 11.00am & it was raining. We had a cup of hot coffee inside the bus station while waiting the rain to be smaller.

We went to China Town to look around. It was near to the bus station. All the way we saw Chinese people frequently & it is quite exciting. We saw Chinese not only in China Town, but all the way throughout our journey...McDonald etc...The whole city where we've been.

Pic: China Town. We didn't took much pictures because it was raining.

Pic: The water fountain. We aimed it & took some pictures. It was like playing a game with it. =P
Pic: Manchester Markets

After looking around at China Town & snapping little pictures, we walk to another place for lunch & wait for the sightseeing bus. It is more convinient for us to go places with the bus.

Pic: The city sightseeing Bus. The actual price was 7 pound & the woman count us 6 pound, maybe because we have more than 5 person.
Pic: I saw Krispy Kreme, but didn't ate it cause we missed it & we're going back Manchester for the second time not only for KK but also for SHOPPING!!!

Hmm...we didn't went to many places on that Saturday & we are going there for the second & third time for football in MU & shopping for girls.
End of the journey, my hand was numb & it's look like 'hotdog'. It's really freezing there, maybe because it was raining the whole day.
More pictures coming soon.


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