Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome to Old Trafford - Manchester United, Manchester, UK

We went to the famous football field in Manchester where most of us love these football team. Unfortunately, by the time we reach there was around 2.00pm, & the tour starts around 3.00pm & our last pick up was 4.00 or 4.30pm, so we didn't manage for that tour... No worries, hope next time we will have the time to visit there again.

Pic: People in line to buy ticket for August football tickets, tour tickets etc...People come & go non stop.

Pic: I think he is waiting for his dad... Quite handsome & cool like Bechkam, he's wearing Ronaldo's jersey.

Pic: For remembrance for those who passed away in a air plane.

Pic: There outlets for jerseys, caps, T-shirts etc...
We bought some souvenirs for remembrance too!!!
Exam next Friday...Our lecturers ask us to lay back & relax...