Tuesday, July 29, 2008

University Tour to Lake District, UK - Pt 2

The weather was so hot today..And the highest was 26 Celsius.
I think I'm gonna be psycho one day~~ Too much...

We pass through houses, hotels that were like a cozy house etc... The first view when we went through those house/ shops, we were like "Wow..." Nice view & beautiful houses.

Saw below, families here love to go for vacation by driving to anywhere they want.

Nice right? We been through all those then we go up hills by coach & heard that actually we are going forward & up to hills again...But the plan has change because the coach cannot drive further up. Scary~~
Actually i felt terrible when we on the way to the second destination in Lake District...The road was too close to the opposite way & our coach was "sticking" to the wall beside...
We walk about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the place where we are heading & it was more to Natural environment where I can found at my place where I came from...The pity thing was we just have our packed lunch there & it was just SANDWICHES...

Before we reach the actual place where there was sits us to rest...We manage to took pictures at Elterwater which shown below.

Thinking of trying to took a artistic picture, end up....

We were having some photo taking before we have our lunch up further at where you can see a tiny girl standing at the left side of the picture. Were some of our friends was waiting for us.

The house below was just in front of me where I'm sitting above.

Nice river stream we all can see.

At 1.30pm, we proceed to another place where is nearer to the Lake they have - at The Heart of Lake District.


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