Saturday, July 26, 2008

Had Lunch at Hong Kong's Food Culture 港饮港食, Kuala Lumpur

Finish the third paper for these duration of studies...Two more subject & back to Malaysia~~ I just wondering whether I should surprise him or not...Hmmm....

Hong Kong's Food Culture which located underneath of Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. The food there was special & range from cheap to expensive food...

Both of my parents accompany me to KL for my further study in UK. It was in the evening where my mom introduce a nice place to fill up our tummy (even I didn't knew that there were such nice place to eat) before going out with her friends & going to airport.

Below was some of the food that we ordered:

加里鱼蛋 Curry Fish Ball

Where my dad request for the second because it taste good!!! I think there was six curry fish ball~~

芒果西米露 Mango Sago

Taste sweet & attempting
Set of Duck Rice
They famous dishes there.

Beef fried Keow Teow
I like to eat taste still good especially served hot!!!

That restaurant was crowded with people from youngster to corporate people, it should one of the spot where people like us who love to eat Chinese food to enjoy their dishes there.
Meatball...If you come KL, I bring you ya??....keke...
p/s: Going to Lake District on Saturday...26 July 2008...
Pic: Sponge Bob Square Pants. It was a cake which figured SB. Cute right...I think it was too sweet for muah... Health conscious but still fat...*sigh*


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