Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Clifford's Tower of York, UK

I'm tired...Planning to go Manchester...Exam next Wednesday.

The Castle's central stronghold with Kings-eye views over York.

Pic: Clifford's Tower which is on top of the hill.

Pic: Many people just love to lye on field or garden to have a rest or picnic & She's reading her novel.

Pic: Front entrance of Clifford's Tower.
Tickets are need to enter Clifford's Tower & we didn't go in there to look around.

Pic: Things I bought from Black Pool & Liverpool.(for family)
As for Blackpool, actually i left behind my things somewhere when we are heading to other place, & suddently I remembered & quicky run to take my things...How forgetful.


  1. this place really beatiful..sure very relax to visit there..

  2. of the beautiful places that I've visited there.