Saturday, July 12, 2008

Liverpool Museum - A Bug's Life & Marine's Tale

I will be going back Malaysia earlier!!! And I will be back for Euro trip if I have the opportunity in future. Don't ask me why for now. if I wanna come, I will earn my own money for my own holiday!!!
Different kind of insects from different sizes. I saw one huge sized fly miniature inside the museum, it's a normal insect that can be seen in Malaysia & it was 'nasty'. I ever fell sick because of food poisoning by that dirty insect.

Pic: Leaf cutter ant. There was a man told us that all those ant was female & no male.

Pic: The trail lead into the below - their home. They work 24 hours a day according to the man & if they felt down from the rope, those ants will die from starving.

Pic: Their home. There were some big ants inside. I just wonder how was their QUEEN look likes.

Pic: See the shell crab?

Pic: Starfish.

Pic: Plaice.

Pic: Sting Ray were this type of creature killed tho famous crocodile hunter.
There were more creatures & insects actually. And above chapter was the last about the content in the large museum. Once again, the picture may vary from actual.


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