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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beautiful Lake Windermere @ Lake District, UK

I'm back from North Wales...

After visiting Elterwater... We went to Lake Windermere which located at the heart of Lake District.

The Wishing Well
Queen of the Lake

All of us simply took some pictures with someone's cool boat.

The next story ---> We went above the Lake by the boat below.... Excited!!! & scary too.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo Competition of LJMU

During my studies in Liverpool, one of the programme was a photo competition...

I just wondering how does a picture was qualified to be called GOOD?

Anyone can help to define??

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Dance Liverpool

Heard that it will be a little bit hot until the month of August!!!

BIG Dance Liverpool was one of the events due to Liverpool Capital of Cultural 2008. It was a week long which started on 5 - 13 July 2008.
Me & one of my friends went to Tesco to do some "marketing" on one sunny Sunday and we manage to enjoy that happening event for a while when we are on the way back.
The music played by them was great especially the Cuba songs. There were dances too!!! - group dance & paired dance.

Pictures taken wasn't look nice because I use my hand phone to take them.

There was one man who enjoyed himself on the stages where he's like standing & dance around with his music instrument.

p/s: I'm going to North Wales tomorrow (30/7/08) to visit Conway Castle and Llandudno.

University Tour to Lake District, UK - Pt 2

The weather was so hot today..And the highest was 26 Celsius.
I think I'm gonna be psycho one day~~ Too much...

We pass through houses, hotels that were like a cozy house etc... The first view when we went through those house/ shops, we were like "Wow..." Nice view & beautiful houses.

Saw below, families here love to go for vacation by driving to anywhere they want.

Nice right? We been through all those then we go up hills by coach & heard that actually we are going forward & up to hills again...But the plan has change because the coach cannot drive further up. Scary~~
Actually i felt terrible when we on the way to the second destination in Lake District...The road was too close to the opposite way & our coach was "sticking" to the wall beside...
We walk about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the place where we are heading & it was more to Natural environment where I can found at my place where I came from...The pity thing was we just have our packed lunch there & it was just SANDWICHES...

Before we reach the actual place where there was sits us to rest...We manage to took pictures at Elterwater which shown below.

Thinking of trying to took a artistic picture, end up....

We were having some photo taking before we have our lunch up further at where you can see a tiny girl standing at the left side of the picture. Were some of our friends was waiting for us.

The house below was just in front of me where I'm sitting above.

Nice river stream we all can see.

At 1.30pm, we proceed to another place where is nearer to the Lake they have - at The Heart of Lake District.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

University Tour to Lake District, UK - Pt 1

Speechless...Nothing to say about....

Back from lake District around 7.30pm & took our lunch at a Chinese Restaurant nearby.

Huge pack dinner for me ---> Shechuan Duck Rice, it's spicy with lots of small green chili..OMG!!! too much spicy for me. Cost 4.50 pound.
I know.. the food was not well presented, the reason was not enough

The first impression before I went to Lake District was I thought it was a lake or a mountain for us to jungle track...and actually it was not but is a valley with shops, tall mountains & a huge lake...bla bla bla...
A good place for family to camp or look around.
Somehow there were places that makes me felt that the Mount Kinabalu, Mesilau etc in SABAH was better...sorry to say like that =P
It was difficult to explain by words but Lake District overall are beautiful with the huge lake, high mountain & valleys...
Meatball...The picture below reminds me of Krabi Island, Thailand. But with more mountains surrounded.

The conclusion for this trip was overall okay....
Places we went will be told in coming posts....Surprises coming soon~~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Had Lunch at Hong Kong's Food Culture 港饮港食, Kuala Lumpur

Finish the third paper for these duration of studies...Two more subject & back to Malaysia~~ I just wondering whether I should surprise him or not...Hmmm....

Hong Kong's Food Culture which located underneath of Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. The food there was special & range from cheap to expensive food...

Both of my parents accompany me to KL for my further study in UK. It was in the evening where my mom introduce a nice place to fill up our tummy (even I didn't knew that there were such nice place to eat) before going out with her friends & going to airport.

Below was some of the food that we ordered:

加里鱼蛋 Curry Fish Ball

Where my dad request for the second because it taste good!!! I think there was six curry fish ball~~

芒果西米露 Mango Sago

Taste sweet & attempting
Set of Duck Rice
They famous dishes there.

Beef fried Keow Teow
I like to eat taste still good especially served hot!!!

That restaurant was crowded with people from youngster to corporate people, it should one of the spot where people like us who love to eat Chinese food to enjoy their dishes there.
Meatball...If you come KL, I bring you ya??....keke...
p/s: Going to Lake District on Saturday...26 July 2008...
Pic: Sponge Bob Square Pants. It was a cake which figured SB. Cute right...I think it was too sweet for muah... Health conscious but still fat...*sigh*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Showcase of Maritime Song & Music, Liverpool

I'm not having a great days in these duration~

Just after we visited RFA LYME Bay, we manage to enjoy their maritime song around 3.30pm I assume. We saw the maritime group of people was preparing for their show & we waited awhile.

We saw a lady who worn tiger skin & she's responsible for the big drum.

We take the opportunity to take pictures with the band while they are performing. Luckily, we are still there when they are starting their performance, when the show started, public are not allowed to enter to the port.

I'm frighten when he's walking towards me, I think I saw he smile when he saw my reaction. I was like running away to left or right...

Enjoy the short Maritime song that performed!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Liquor I like - Famous Grouse and Vodka maybe others too.

Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery & today is a gift that why it's called present.- Kung Fu Panda =)

Having some drinks in a cold summer. Alcohol anyone??

Pic: Scottish whisky & coke for home use, bringing home soon~~. Whisky- 40% vol, great taste. Thinking of buying more alcohol home, but luggage has limited weight.

Pic:Malibu, weird taste with coconut flavour & London Gin, taste quite okay...I still prefer whisky though...

Highlight on Liverpool Cultural Year (2008) - RFA LYME BAY

My exam will be on Friday~
Went to visit RFA LYME BAY on 19 July 2008 at Mersey Ferry Terminal, it was open for public from 18th till 21st July 2008.
It was a big ship that provides logistic support to military operations, that carries a military force of 356 Royal Marines & up to 135 crew & augmentees...
Many people was queue up for the tour around the ship & it was free entry, there were donation for kind hearted people to donate some money.

Pic: RFA Lyme Bay.

Pic: Saw the queue.

Pic: We have the opportunity to take pictures on the CAPTAIN'S SEAT.
Pic: View of the Dock outside.

Pic: The front view of the ship.

Pic: He should be the Captain.

Pic: Can't you imagine how windy it was. All of us like flying off from the ground. We can't even move sometimes.
Knew my result today...
I'm missing home now-a-days especially him.sniff* sniff*='(

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I See - Snap Shots of Manchester City - Part 2

What a bored day after all~~ I had bad dreams.

Pic: Around China Town

Pic: A lot of youngster wearing like this.

Pic: Crowded people even though it was raining.

Pic: Shopping Centre.

Pic: Bus Station.

We missed our bus actually, we didn't manage to catch our bus even we ran as fast as possible. However we are lucky enough that the bus station was not very far from where we are.
Reach Liverpool at night & we didn't had much good time at Manchester. However, we will go there again in coming days.