Sunday, June 29, 2008

Overview on York Trip!

Reach Marybone around 8.00pm, all of us was exhausted...(@_@)
We went to York by the coach provided and we are excited so much. Along the way we can see scenery which is facinating and we took so much pictures!!!

Below was the map & some places that we can visit when we reach York.

We walk along the journey at York and visited few place such as the museum which was free entry at York Museum, York Boat, ate Haddock (a.k.a Fish & Chip but without chips for me today, too much chips yesterday).

Pic: Bought those from York Museum Trust which also the museum that we visited for free. MOM, saw the Kit-Kat magnet, key chain,pepper & salt? Bought it for home like you requested. You like it or not?? [All = 9.83pound]

Pic: 傻傻的我们。

Pic: Those guys back there was my classmates from KL & in UK.
More pictures coming

Pics: Movies last night. Meatball (sis), does the picture below there rings the bell?? kekeke...


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