Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chilling with Friends at Clayton Square, Liverpool

I'm not that pity to stay at home by doing, but somehow I really would love to stay at home , even doing nothing, but watching DVDs when the weather was so Da** cold.
Actually going out with all my housemates, but they turn to go to Chester (another place to visit). Manage to go with one of my housemate who don't want to go with them.
Went out since 1pm and shop around here & there search whether anything to buy..especially cloths for us GIRLS!!! Quite tiring, so we manage to have a drink in a cafe inside Clayton Square called Noshncoffee. The person who serve us at the counter even talk to us,asking where are we from etc...He even offer himself to take pictures for us.
Pic: Drinks that we drank at there.

Pic: Saw us?? Cute lady( eh hemm..) taking pictures!!yeah...
Pic: She's one of the nicest girl that I've knew from Malaysia.
After a cup of nice coffee..& off we go...continue shopping & "wash our eyes" with all beautiful girls & things.


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