Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Liverpool Cultural Year - Superlambanana as Mascot

My friend told me that I'm thinner now...Something for me to happy about..Yeah!! if...
A stupid question asked by another friend of my friend that: "Why you make up to class ah?" so loud & many other students heard about it...I just laugh inside my heart..hohoho!!!

Superlambananas which is like a lamb in shape & short of like the shape of bananas too... It's famous in Liverpool now. And starting 16 June (referred to a magazine called 'Your Move"), we can see hundreds of different edition for superlambananas.

Below were some of sculpture that we took along the ways to classes and back from classes.

The first and largest superlambananas was located near the place where I stayed & it was just in front of Avril Robart Building.

Pic: The first Superlambananas that we saw at the first day we arrived Liverpool.

Pic: Saw this on Sunday when out to Tesco to buy misc.

Pic: Took this today. The red in colour is representing Liverpool Football Team.

Pic: This was took in front of a church where it was opposite of my university that I'm studying now.

Pic: I think this will be the new Superlambananas.But don't know where does it located.

Cute right? We even saw another green in colour with leaves surrounding it in front of a dim sum restaurant. But didn't manage to took it's pictures yesterday. Next time, if I saw different edition I will update again..


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