Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What I see - Listed Buildings of Liverpool!

I felt like I'm in a world of dreams..The street, the buildings & peoples..
Hmm...something about Liverpool that I knew...
The Beatles, the museum that I heard, the pictures that I saw from my friends...is quite exciting actually..
But is to far for us to walk from the place we stay until our university, but will manage to feel ok with it later...
The back side of my foot was hurt & got small pops on it..I think you know what I meant, when a person walk too much..Even I wear socks but is still the same.

Pic: John Foster Building inside view. Is where I'm studying now.

pic: The superlamb Banana near Marybone. Is infront of one of our library.

pic: The old chapel in uni, but now is for students examination centre &etc..

On the first day when I arrive with my friend, we just walk around to see whether we can find things to buy...We manage to buy some, but we walk & walk & walk to search for places, roads etc...Luckily, their road is open and can link to many streets by foot or by cars..

We just snaps pictures, building that are beautiful...Church street was BEAUTIFUL!!! with Churches- old buildings...tower with clocks etc..

The birds was big in size..Even their dove was kind of fatty..

Lord street was magnificent with shopping shops & malls..I saw H&M (my elder sister requirement), Top Shop, Top Man, Miss Selfridge, & more...peoples singing at the street, their pubs start crowding when it is becoming dark..I saw ladies dances infront of a pub and a man dances and make fun for himself.

The sun here rises around 4.30am & sunset around 9.30pm here..so, we have more time to walk around...It's just unlucky that our class ends around 3pm or 4pm...& after that need to buy stuff for cooking.. I think will shops maybe Saturday or Sunday..wee....(^_^)V


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